11 common seo mistakes and how to avoid them

As you know search engine optimization is very important factor as well as interesting factor on which ranking depend. In the starting days of blog some people faces too many problems because of their own mistakes that may result in having no traffic on blog or website. In this post, I will tell you some common seo mistakes made by beginner bloggers. Having these mistakes in your site or blog can reduce or stop rankings of your blog. These common mistakes can ruin your blog.
I am writing this post so that you can avoid these mistakes as a newbie or experienced blogger.

common seo mistakes

So read these common mistakes and correct them all. Here I am covering only twelve mistakes but if you’re serious about these you can search for more on Google.

1. Not using Google adwords tool for keyword research: -Many starting bloggers wants to use professional tools for their blog for keyword research. But as a beginner you can use free Google keyword planner by adwords. This tool will tell you the number of searches of any particular keyword in a month. Other mistake about this is that users set this tools filter to broad match. This feature won’t give you suitable keywords for post.

2.   Setting up a free hosted blog: - Many beginners make mistake by setting up a free blog on wordpress.com or blogger.com but it’s not good for you because there are many problems in these free blogging platforms. First, they will give you the sub domain like yourname.wordpress.com or yourname.blogger.com which is not good for seo and readers don’t trust on your site. Second, you can’t use google adsense on these blogs to make money. Third, you are not able to install plugins for seo. Besides these, they have many other problems.

3.   Not setting up a 404 error page: - It means when user mistype url in address, they got error in site but after setting up this feature, user get a custom error page from your blog.

4.      Interlinking problems: - It is an important seo factor. Interlinking helps you to build links within your blog. Many people don’t take it serious but it is very important. Link your new posts with old ones and old with new ones. You should interlink 2-8 post together.

5.    Not using social media sites: - Many users stop to be active on social media but its wrong. Social media sites help you to promote your content around the world. Promoting the content after writing is very important.

6.  Not submitting the site on Google and Bing webmaster: - Submitting the site on google and bing webmaster tools help you to index your site on search engine by submitting sitemap of blog or website. Submit your site on alexa as well.

77.   Not having proper post publishing schedule: - It’s also important to prepare schedule and publish posts according to schedule. It helps in managing your time. Google also give preferences to sites that updated with time daily or weekly. Also aim to publish five posts in a week.

8.   Not linking to google+ profile: - If you don’t have google+ account now, creat one or use your gmail account. Linking your google+ profile with your blog can show your post on google with your image. Sometimes google will show your content on first page also. So link your google+ profile with your blog.

9.  Slow Loading of website: - Some people ignore this point but they don’t know that it is also an important ranking factor of your blog. Readers will leave your site quickly if your site takes much time to load. To optimize speed of your blog you should optimize size of images that you use in blog posts.

1. Link building in wrong way: -Some people like to build links but they do it in wrong way. Don’t direct all of your links to homepage of your blog. Also don’t buy links from other sites instead, create them. While building links be sure that the site is relevant to your niche and PA (Page Authority) and DA (Domain Authority) should be above 20.

1.   Broken links: - Broken links are those hyperlinks that no longer points to their destination. So if your website is too old, make sure all links of your site are properly working.

Bonus Tip: -Don’t forget to submit your site on major directories like DMOZ as it helps you to get backlinks for your blog.

Conclusion: - Now go ahead and correct these seo mistakes if you found these in your blog and pay special attention next time while optimizing blog for seo. If you want to get more information about these mistakes you can search on search engine. Share this post on social media if you likes this.
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