6 tips to write good and engaging blog post

In my previous post I had told you some tricks and tips to write a seo friendly blog post. In this post I will tell you, how to write a good blog post. This post will introduce you to an entire process of writing a great and engaging blog post easily and quickly. And if your post is good and engaging, it can drive more social shares by your readers and interest in reading of your post by reader.

In this post, you will also get ideas to write engaging post because when your reader found your blog post interesting and with valuable information, they will spend time reading your post. And this will decrease the bounce rate of your blog. When someone comes to your blog and quickly leaves your blog because of not having great content then your blog’s bounce rate will increase and when your readers will read your post interestingly then your bounce rate will decrease. It is Google’s fact.

So in this post you will get some tips to write engaging post that your readers may read, got more social shares and decrease your bounce rate.

Planning: -Writing a blog post, without proper planning, can waste lots of your valuable time. I always do proper planning of post like its structure, paragraphs, headings etc. before writing and publishing the post. You will confuse while writing post that what and how to write the post and it will waste your time. So before writing a post, planning is very important. So pick a pen, paper and make your post’s plan. Mention outline and structure of the post.

Structure: - In posts structure matters a lot. Here below I am providing a simple structure for posts that you can use while planning and writing. So look at below.
·         Introduction
·         Paragraphs
·         Headings
·         Conclusion
Great headlines: - One of my blogger friend told me about that headlines tells more than your post. A interesting and eye-catching headline can draw attention of your readers easily and make your readers read your entire post. Another example, when you read newspaper, you read headlines and get idea about post. If headline is interesting then your post is interesting.  You should use a combination of numbers and words in headline. For review, look at my example below to write a good and awesome headline.

9 tips to write a seo friendly blog post

Images: - A lengthy post without any image will bore your readers and make your post uninteresting and readers will leave your blog quickly. So images are more important than writing a good and lengthy post. Use at least two or three or images with every step in how to posts.

Ask questions: - Ask your readers some questions related to your article can make relation with relation with reader and engage your reader in the post. You can ask question on the beginning and ending of every post.

Tell stories or quotes: - You can make your post more engaging and interesting by telling some short stories in the post about some great peoples related to your niche, make your post more engaging. Write some quotes on the starting of blog post.

Every post is not same: - You should understand that not every post goes viral and become popular like others. Some article topics are famous and some are not. So don’t be rude and work hard on other posts.

Conclusion: -Now that you have learnt about writing good post, so pick a post idea and start writing. Remember that always pick a topic that don’t bother and make sure you are interesting in that topic so that you can write topic more genuinely. It’s very hard when you write first article for your blog but after writing a post according to above tips it will become easy for you to write seo friendly, good and engaging article. If you liked this post then please share it with your friends on social media sites.

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