9 tips to write seo friendly blog posts

Hello friends, as you know writing good blog post is very important factor in ranking your website or blog but writing good seo friendly blog post is most important than that. That is why i am writing this post. At the end of this post you will be able to write seo friendly blog post for your blog. I will tell you some best tricks about writing seo friendly blog posts.
 it is very simple task. But ranking of your post is not only depending on posts. It also depends upon quality back links, on-page seo and many seo optimization factors.
how to write seo friendly blog posts

So let's begin.

1. Think before you write: - Always think about topic and the structure of the post or write down them on page. Take time to think about what you want to tell your readers? And prepare full structure of your post before writing and publishing the post.

2. Title or headline: - Title of your blog post should be attractive and keyword rich. Your blog post should contain best keywords. Follow these simple tips to write good title for blog post.
·         Title should have 70 character length only.
·         It should contain a number on startup.
·         It should contain an adjective like best, legitimate, ways etc.
       For example: - 6 ways to write great blog posts

3. Length of Post: - Posts of good length rank high in search engines. You can also see blog posts on first page of search engines. They have very good length of words. So, it is very important for you write a blog post of above 300 words at least.

4. Use paragraphs:- Write good explanative paragraphs on start and end of your blog posts. But dont write too much big paragraphs because no want to read too much, they only want their solutions. That is why, i am telling you to good paragraphs. Use keywords on startup and end of blog post.

5. Keywords:- Keywords is the most important thing in post. You should do a proper keyword research and then place them on right place of blog post. You should use keywords in title, parma-link, image title and alt tags, start up and end of post.

6. Multimedia:- You can use images, videos and audios in post for better explanation. If you cant use audio and videos in posts, use images at least. Because no one wants to read a lengthy post without any images. Readers will feel very boring if they read lengthy post without any images. But don’t forget to drop keywords in title and alt tags of image.

7. Meta-Description: - When any search engine looks for any specific post, they also look at your meta description. Meta description tells the user and the search engine about your post. So it is very important.  Write a Meta description of 160 characters and also use keywords in meta description.

8. Permalink:- It is link of your blog post. It is also very important seo factor in ranking of your site. Use keyword in permalink and only use 3 to 5 words in link only. For example: - http://latesthackingtricks4u.blogspot.in/2016/02/introduction-to-ethical-hacking.html  

9. Link internally: - Internal linking is also important in seo. You should provide links to older posts in every blog post. Link at least 2-5 posts in one post.

Bonus tip: - Always write engaging to keep your readers engaged in post, you can do this simply  by some questions or you can develop your own trick to write engaged content.

All above mentioned points are very important in seo. Now you can write a fully seo optimized blog posts. Nowadays, good content always get rank on search engines and get more more social shares and comments or likes. After writing a blog post you can also promote your post on social media.