6 tips to get more comments

Today, many bloggers start their blogging journey and just quite after some days or months because of many reasons like lake of traffic, comments and many other. In order to escape from this, I will give you some blogging tips and tricks to get more comments on your blog easily.

Getting no comments on the blog is the tactic that encourages bloggers to quite their blogging carrier. It is frustrating and makes you feel sad that after doing so much hard work, you are still not getting any suggestion and feedback by your blog readers in the form of comment. Your readers come on your blog, read the content and then leave without giving any feedback. The blog without comments looks like a village full of tress, forests and houses but where no one is living.

get more comments on blog posts

Getting comments on your blog helps you to know that what readers think about you and your blog. They can give feedback about your content. A quite blog without any comments is depressing but a blog that gets lots of comments on every post, looks very exciting. Here I am telling you some tricks and tips to get more comments on your posts. So enjoy.

  1. Write good and helpful content: - If readers will find your content good and helpful enough to solve their problems than they comment on your blog surely. At least, they comment to thanks you for helping him/her. So, my first suggestion is that you should write great and helpful content.
  2. Ask questions: - Asking question with your readers helps you to engage you with your readers. Ask question on start and ending of every post. A quick tip about asking question is that you should ask a question that is easy answer.
  3. Make it easy: - Make it is easy for your readers to comment on you blog. Let me a give quick tip about this also. Remove capctha verification because no one wants to comment after these efforts. I know it helps in preventing spam but instead of using captcha you can use awaiting comment moderation.
  4. Link to other content: - Internal linking helps your readers to navigate easily through other blog posts. It helps your readers to browse another blog posts and find solution to their other solutions. It also helps in getting comments.
  5. Always respond to comments: - Responding to your comments helps you to build trust of your readers on your blog. It helps in engaging with reader. Another thing is that when any reader saw that you are responding other’s comment, they also comment their suggestion or problem to get solution.
  6. Turn on comments on older posts: - By default your blogging platforms may or may not be giving option to comment on older posts. If so, go to your blog admin dashboard and enable comments for older posts because sometimes most of your readers are reading or browsing old content on your blog.

Getting more comments also depends upon how much traffic you get so don’t be rude or give up if you are not getting any comments. Focus on getting traffic to your website more. And after that, if you are still not getting comments, follow my above these tips to get comments. These tips are found working properly. In order to get more comments, follow above tips and tricks properly. And friends if you liked my post, then please share it.

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