how to change blogspot blog templates

Are you bored with your old blogspot template? Do you want a good design and seo friendly template for blogspot blog? Want to change your template? Then you have come to right place.

 When I started my first professional blog on blogspot, I wanted a template or theme with good design and seo optimized. But blogger is not providing good templates for their users. But I will tell you a right and awesome solution for this problem.
While creating blog on blogger, we chose templates provided by blogspot and the biggest problem with them is, they are not seo friendly as well as not attractive in design.

I wanted a seo friendly theme for my blog. Because design is also a ranking factor of Google. In this post, I will tell you how to remove the old template and install a new one with good design and seo optimized for blog. It just takes ten minutes. So let’s start: -

Downloading the Theme

Step 1: - First of all, we need to download a new template. So go to and choose a template that suits on your blog and download it.

Your template will download in zip file. So you have to extract it and get the xml file.

Backup old template and Install new one

Step 2: - Go to your blogger dashboard and click on to open your template by clicking on templates.

Step 3: - Now click on Restore button on the top right corner of page.

Step 4: -A pop up will appear. Click on download button to take download and download the backup file of old template. 

Note: - It is for security purpose, in case you lost data. If you don’t like the new template, then again upload this backup file of your blog.

Step 5: - After backup click on select button, file explorer will appear, chose the xml file of new template you downloaded in step one from website.

Step 6: - After selecting template click on upload button. Wait for some time.

Congratulation! You have changed the template.

Now you successfully installed the template. All you have to do now is manage your theme by going to layout option in blogger dashboard. The interesting thing about this gooyaabi templates website is, they provide themes with all thing ready like tabs, menu, seo ready, responsive design etc. So Now, if you have any problem after changing template, please let me know by comment. And friends if you liked my post then please share it with your friends.

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